Moray Martin


Originally from Elgin, Moray studied at Robert Gordon’s University in Aberdeen (and later at INSEAD) before embarking on a career in the insurance and reinsurance industry, where he acquired extensive leadership, management and main board experience. Having lived and worked in the UK, Europe and the Asia Pacific region for a number of major global organisations, including Allianz, AXA and Lloyds of London, he has developed strong and broad-based financial, risk management and team-building skills. Moray now runs his own consulting business and, as well as devoting much of his time to TRICAPITAL, holds a number of domestic and international non-exective appointments. Away from work, he enjoys cycling, travel, reading and politics.

As a TRICAPITAL board member, Moray believes that his primary responsibility is to build and encourage dynamism, potency and relevance, and to ensure that the syndicate continues to provide strategic oversight, financial support, added value and leadership to its investee company customers. He is a hands-on investor passionate about innovation closely linked to monetisation, job creation and business plan delivery.