Jamie Andrew


Jamie is a chemical engineer by training, with experience in the mining, oil & gas refining and manufacturing sectors. His previous business interests have included developing products for small marine craft propulsion systems and products for energy generation from water resources. One of his working prototype designs was bought by the British Science Museum in 2007 as an example of innovation in maritime technology. Jamie’s current business interests cover light engineering, renewable energy (small scale hydro power and biomass), medical devices, retailing and property restoration.

Jamie is particularly interested in investing in technology based companies and product innovation. He knows the many pitfalls facing aspiring entrepreneurs and can add real value at board level when it comes to product innovation and commercialisation.

Jamie is also an active business director/investor and he holds a number of “independent director” positions within a variety of technology based companies (energy related, medical devices, manufacturing) at chairman and director level (in both the private and voluntary sectors).

He has lived in the Borders for more than 20 years.

“TRICAPITAL allows me to add value by investing in people who, through innovation and business, want to make a profitable contribution.”