Ian Burton


A born engineer, Ian began building electrical circuits and repairing engines at an early age; later moving on to creating functional model aircraft. In his teens he was given the opportunity by the RAF to fly gliders and light aircraft and this progressed to fast jet and aerobatic aircraft, with the Pitts Special still being his favourite.

After a brief flirtation with the RAF, he decided that engineering and not flying was his career choice, so he moved to the Royal Navy as a civilian contractor, developing the passive and narrowband sonar systems for the Spearfish torpedo project. During his early engineering career, it became apparent that Ian had a flair for problem solving, working on broken projects to turn them around. These early projects had a high software content, taking him on another path to software engineering. During his software engineering career, he worked on many projects, including military, fulfilment, warehousing, call handling, ERP, navigation, eCommerce, eManagement and eBusiness.

His next career change was to management consultancy, to turn his experience to date into a resource for many businesses rather than the few. Ian was attracted to TRICAPITAL to invest in interesting businesses and most of all enjoy the rewards of working with dynamic growing companies.