What to expect from the TRICAPITAL process.

Everything starts with an initial discussion with Douglas Needham, who chairs the Investment Panel.

If both sides decide to take things further, you’ll fill in a general application form which includes an Executive Summary.

This will be discussed by the Investment Panel – TRICAPITAL member experts from a range of professional backgrounds.

The Investment Panel’s recommendations are presented to the monthly Members’ Meeting, and promising companies are also invited to present to members and answer questions. This is followed by discussion, and a members’ decision on next steps – typically request more information, turn the application down, or progress it to the next stage.

Companies who proceed through this stage are invited to submit a full application and business plan.

Member Discussions


  • Investments in portfolio companies are made by individual TRICAPITAL members, not TRICAPITAL as an organisation.
  • TRICAPITAL manages the due diligence of potential investments as part of its administration service for members (and for the Scottish Enterprise Co-Investment Fund/Scottish Investment Bank, if applicable). These costs are charged to the company if the investment goes ahead.
  • TRICAPITAL normallycharges the investee company a research fee and monitoring fee as part of the administration service it provides for members in respect of their investments.
  • TRICAPITAL charges investing members a percentage of their investment as an administration charge.
  • Where applicable, TRICAPITAL manages the drawdown of Co-Investment Fund monies by Scottish Enterprise as part of its match funding facility.
  • Where possible, a TRICAPITAL member is appointed to the company’s board, to represent the individual members’ investments.
  • Whenever appropriate, EIS approval will be available for the individual’s investments.

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