TRICAPITAL has a practical, supportive ethos, and investee companies gain considerable benefit from TRICAPITAL members’ collective and individual expertise.

Each portfolio company gets an allocated TRICAPITAL observer or monitor whose role is to keep in touch with company progress and report back at least monthly. This is separate from any board or NXD role by a TRICAPITAL member. See TRICAPITAL Monitoring Group.

The Investment Panel has an excellent higher-level overview of companies seeking investment, and wide experience of typical pitfalls and pinch points in a high-growth company’s journey. This allows us to filter applications and advise where appropriate. See TRICAPITAL Investment Panel.

TRICAPITAL member meetings are a chance to meet fellow angel investors, network and learn from each other’s experience. It’s a great way to keep in touch with the cutting edge of business innovation, and pass on expertise to the next generation of investors. Presenting companies will also find themselves challenged and sharpened by incisive questions from experienced investors and business people! See TRICAPITAL Meetings.

We believe that working with TRICAPITAL is a win-win partnership.

To find out more about our investment process, visit Seek Investment.

If you’d like to join as a member, visit Join TRICAPITAL Angels.

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