Seek investment from tricapital

Are you a high-potential, high-growth UK company looking for angel investors to help you achieve the next stage of your business journey?

TRICAPITAL mainly invests in start-up and early stage investment-ready companies based in Scotland and the north of England.

We’re active investors who provide support, advice and the benefit of our extensive networks where appropriate.

Our investee companies come from a wide range of sectors, and we don’t specify a preference for particular industries. Rather, we’re looking for ambitious and innovative businesses and teams with the right stage, scale, vision and skillsets for our experienced investor members.

For an overview of the companies our members currently invest in, see the TRICAPITAL Portfolio.

Seeking Investment

How it works

Our process for companies seeking investment is rigorous and straightforward.

Potential investee companies are initially vetted by our Investment Panel, and then presented to TRICAPITAL members, if they're considered sufficiently attractive and a good fit for our Portfolio.


As a precursor to investment, prospect companies are invited to showcase the following:

  • Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) eligibility
  • Scalable growth prospects, supported by a coherent business plan
  • A management team with the necessary skills, commitment and experience
  • A sustainable marketplace
  • Sources and uses of funds, in the form of a cashflow forecast
  • Competitor and risk analyses
  • The investment case, including a realistic valuation and exit strategy.


The TRICAPITAL Investment Panel evaluates each investment on its merits, and will provide feedback to explain our decision and provide guidance, whether your application is successful or not.

Ongoing Relationship

Once committed, TRICAPITAL will work with and support companies to exit, through active board-level participation. Companies are monitored via the Monitoring Group.

Initial Step

Please send a brief business plan summary to our Investment Panel chair, Douglas Needham.  The Investment Panel will then review the offer, and decide whether the opportunity can be taken forward.


If the prospect company is successful in raising funds, TRICAPITAL will charge a fee equivalent to 4% of the total money invested.

Ready for an informal initial discussion? Contact our Investment Panel chair, Douglas Needham.