Are you an investor interested in joining TRICAPITAL as a business angel?
If so, let’s cut to the chase.

We’re interested in attractive returns from investment in innovative companies with high growth potential.

Many of us are highly skilled business people with a range of industry, technical and financial backgrounds, as well as board and international experience.

We value being part of a network of influencers and leaders in business, industry and technology.

Does this sound like you? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

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New to angel investing?

  • Angel investors provide a funding option for high-growth companies who need investment to progress to the next stage of company development. It is also highly tax-efficient, utilising the benefits that come with investing under the EIS/SEIS tax schemes.
  • Angel syndicates typically occupy a place on the investment ladder and scale somewhere between crowd-funding and venture capitalists.
  • Angel syndicates give early-stage companies a funding leg-up. The aim is for angels to grow their investment through the companies’ growth in value. When the company is acquired by a larger one or a big investor, the syndicate aims to ‘exit’ and reward investors with attractive returns.
  • Syndicate members invest as individuals, supported in their decision-making by the syndicate’s due diligence, research and experience.
  • Companies who seek investment hold a funding round. Several syndicates or Scottish Investment Bank may work together to achieve the amount. Individual angels in the syndicate can choose whether to invest.
  • A company needing investment may seek £50,000, £250,000, or considerably more. Individual business angels invest a proportion of this, through the syndicate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose companies to invest in?

The aim is to give TRICAPITAL members the opportunity to create a balanced investment portfolio. All companies go through our rigorous process of vetting and due diligence.

We often co-invest with the Scottish Investment Bank (SIB) – the investment arm of Scottish Enterprise – and other experienced angel syndicates with similarly stringent criteria.

We prefer straight equity deals compliant with the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) or Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). The EIS/SEIS schemes bring considerable tax advantages to investors, including:

  • Income tax relief
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT) freedom
  • Inheritance Tax Relief (ITR)
  • CGT Deferral Relief
  • Loss Relief

Note that investments must be held for three years to be eligible.

See EIS benefits in detail

Are members involved in choosing companies?

Absolutely. See Seek Investment for the application process from the company point of view. In brief:

  • Enquiries are first screened by the TRICAPITAL Investment Panel, which reports back to members. Most companies are screened out at this stage.
  • Companies who look a promising fit are invited to pitch to members at the monthly TRICAPITAL meeting. This is your chance to question the team.
  • TRICAPITAL members then discuss the company and its investment potential.

Based on group discussion, the company may then be invited to submit a business plan and start the full application process.

Who can join TRICAPITAL?

High net worth individuals with the financial ability to provide risk investment in high-growth companies.

You need to pass our standard checks, and also pay a membership fee, as well as a small nominal charge associated with each investment, to cover due diligence costs.


How are companies monitored?

TRICAPITAL portfolio companies are rigorously monitored by the Monitoring Group.

How often do you meet?

Members’ meetings are held monthly. See About TRICAPITAL.