TRICAPITAL investment portfolio companies are involved in a range of industries, including optoelectronics, biomedical devices, IT, traditional engineering, and textiles. With some companies, TRICAPITAL is a significant shareholder and in some cases lead investor. With others, we’re a minority shareholder and co-invest alongside a lead syndicate.

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>10% Significant Investments

Companies in which TRICAPITAL is a significant shareholder and, in some cases, lead investor as well:

nanogenics ryboquin acquisition gene therapy tricapital investee
TRI Capital investee Aurum Biosciences
blue-square utilities tricapital
Findra logo TRICAPITAL investment portfolio

<10% Minority Investments

Companies in which TRICAPITAL is a minority shareholder, and in which we have co-invested along with a lead syndicate, such as Archangels:

tricap investee novabiotics

London & Scottish Investment Partners (LSIP)

pureLiFi TRICAPITAL investee

Exited Companies

TRICAPITAL investee sphynx-medical