TRICAP angel investors agmTRICAPITAL members are a friendly, welcoming group of over 40 investors with a wide range of business and professional expertise. Each member is a high net worth individual interested in supporting entrepreneurial, cutting-edge businesses.

Our members come from many walks of life, and include a lively mix of engineers, medics, IT specialists, textile manufacturers and farmers.

TRICAPITAL holds monthly meeting in Melrose in the Scottish Borders, though you don’t need to attend to be an active participant. We use ProSeeder as our online collaboration platform, and some members live overseas.


TRICAPITAL members need to be high net worth individuals with the financial ability to risk investment in high-growth companies. You need to pass our standard checks (carried out by all investment syndicates), and also pay a membership fee and charges associated with each investment.

What Members Do

You can be involved as much as you wish, and are actively encouraged to bring your expertise to the table. Some members are on the boards of portfolio companies, or act as monitors. Others are part of the new investment or exit group. Some members provide expertise in areas such as due diligence, identifying investments, and management guidance for investees. We value sector expertise, particularly when companies present at our monthly meetings.

Day-to-day management and administration is carried out by the Executive, Chairman and Board. Investment manager Kathy Kinder keeps members updated with monthly reports.

Social Side

Members sometimes meet for social events such the annual Kelso Races Day. Monthly TRICAPITAL meetings also provide an informal forum where members can meet and exchange ideas and information. Some members also attend sector conferences such as EIE, Scotland’s technology investor showcase. So you’ll soon find yourself part of a welcoming and committed network of like-minded people.

To find out more, contact chair Jamie Andrew for an introductory chat.