Becoming a Member

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TRI Capital is keen to expand its network of members among individuals of High Net Worth, or Sophisticated Investors who are interested in working with entrepreneurial businesses, and bring with them suitable expertise. There are no geographical constraints on membership and applicants are subject to the standard checks applicable to all investment syndicates.

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While the Executive, Chairman and Board are responsible for the bulk of the management and administration activities, other members are encouraged to assist especially those with a particular speciality and/or interest.

All members are actively encouraged to be as much involved as they wish; many provide expert assistance on matters such as identifying investments, due diligence and management guidance for investee companies. Potential members should be aware that there are various costs and charges associated with membership and with each investment.

Please contact us for further information.

The social side of TRI Cap Membership

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In addition to the investment side of the organisation, TRI Cap also offers opportunities for investors to meet and socialise. Calendar dates such as the annual Golf Day, Race Day and Shoot are just some of the social events organised for TRI Cap members. Monthly meetings also provide a forum in which members can meet to exchange ideas and information.