Investment Process

2015-08-04 12.59.56(2)If, following initial discussion and assessment against our investment criteria, you want to submit your business proposal for consideration, TRI Cap follows a process that is designed to be straightforward and open.

Executive Summary – Business Plan

Initially you will be asked to submit an Executive Summary. Initial consideration will be given to this by the Investment Team and they will either reject the application if it does not meet TRI Cap’s criteria or will request a full Business Plan be provided. If the Investment Team considers the application is suitable and is likely to be of interest to TRI Cap members then your Business Plan will be circulated to members as an Investment Opportunity in the form of relevant paperwork and a presentation at one of TRI Cap’s monthly meetings.

Investment Opportunity

It must be remembered that it is our members, not TRI Cap itself, who make the investments. Presentations will be made to members with a view to ascertaining the level of interest from these individuals. The result will be (a) positive consideration of investment, (b) a request for further evaluation or (c) the proposal is turned down.

2015-08-04 14.05.18(2)Successful applicants

For successful applicants there will be a period of negotiation and evaluation to ensure that both parties fully understand the investment proposal and its implication. This will involve further meetings and site visits by the TRI Cap members appointed to represent the potential investors’ interests. Once an investment is agreed in principle, commercial and legal Due Diligence is conducted. Subject to successful outcome of this process, the investment will then proceed with those members who wish to be involved.


It should be noted that if the investment goes ahead, costs are charged to the company invested in for due diligence carried out by TRI Cap on behalf of members. There are also fees charged to the company for service provided by TRI Cap members. It is normal that at least one member of the investment team joins the board of the company.


  1. Individual members make the investments in the Companies. TRI Cap as an organisation does not invest in Companies.
  2. TRI Cap manages the due diligence of potential investments as part of its administration service for Members (and if applicable for the Scottish Enterprise Co-Investment Fund/Scottish Investment Bank). Costs are charged to the Company if the investment goes ahead.
  3. TRI Cap normally charges the Company a research fee and monitoring fee as part of the administration service provided by it for its Members in connection with their investments.
  4. TRI Cap charges the investing members a % of their investment as an administration charge.
  5. Where applicable TRI Cap “manages” the draw down of Co-Investment Fund monies by Scottish Enterprise as part of its “matched funding” facility.
  6. Where possible a TRI Cap Member will be appointed to the Company’s Board to represent the individual Members’ investments.
  7. Whenever appropriate EIS approval will be available for the individual’s investments.