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Are you interested in joining TRICAPITAL as a business angel? Here’s an overview of what we do.

TRICAPITAL’s members invest in a varied portfolio of companies stretching from Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Lothians to the Borders, with sectors including IT, software, electronics, biomedical, textiles, and engineering.

We’re not strategically oriented to specific sectors. Rather, the aim is to give members the opportunity to create a balanced portfolio.

Our main focus is spin-outs and start-ups, though we sometimes fund other stages of business, to help preserve jobs in our home area of the Scottish Borders.

Bigger picture

We often work alongside other angel syndicates whose members invest on the same individual basis as TRICAPITAL members. Note: TRICAPITAL isn’t a fund. As with other angel syndicates, members invest individually.

Our preferred deals are EIS/SEIS compliant, straight equity investments, typically with companies suitable for coinvestment with the Scottish Investment Bank (SIB), the investment arm of Scottish Enterprise. Other deal models are sometimes considered.

Our share of an investment ranges from almost 70% to less than 10%. Lower shares typically indicate coinvestment with other angel syndicates or institutional investors, or later investment rounds.

If you’re interesting in joining TRICAPITAL as an angel investor, contact Chair Jamie Andrew. We meet monthly in Melrose, and welcome new members.

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