pureLiFi Partners Cisco in 5G Rural Connectivity Project

pureLiFi is part of the Cisco-led network of tech innovators behind the 5G RuralFirst project, aimed at addressing the UK’s digital divide.

The recently announced UK government-funded project brings together innovative startups, tech leaders and academics to trial rural 5G systems that can bring affordable connectivity to hard-to-reach rural areas.

The end-to-end testbed for trials of new 5G technology will be based mainly in Orkney and the farmlands of Shropshire and Somerset. Potential applications include broadcasting, smart farming, and utilities.

The locations will be linked to the distributed Cisco® 5G cloud platform at DataVita’s Tier III data centre facility near Glasgow and will collaborate with the wider 5G UK ecosystem with the University of Surrey 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC).

The project will look to support and inform the development of the UK’s 5G eco-system so that it is able to address the needs and aspirations of communities and businesses in rural locations in ways that 4G, 3G, and 2G have not been able to do.

pureLiFi and Edinburgh University are among the project innovators working on 5G Radio Access Technology and Dynamic Spectrum Access.

The project aims to spearhead efforts to make the UK a world leader in 5G.

Read the 5G RuralFirst news release here.

Read about the UK Government’s investment in 5G here.

pure LiFi & Edinburgh University

pureLiFi is the world leader in Light Fidelity (LiFi) innovation, enabling the communication of data through light. Established in 2012, pureLiFi is a spin-out from the University of Edinburgh, where its pioneering research into LiFi communication has been in development since 2008. In October 2017 pureLiFi Launched the LiFI-XC the most commercially ready LiFi system on the market.

Professor Harald Haas, co-founder and chief scientific officer, pureLiFi Ltd., and Director LiFi R&D Centre, The University of Edinburgh, said:

“The U.K. has the opportunity to lead the world in 5G of which LiFi will play a key role in the fruition of this vision for a connected planet. Specifically, ordinary solar cells which for the first time will simultaneously harvest energy and receive high speed from distant light sources.  In combination with LiFi providing connectivity to the end user light communications will help close the digital divide and provide unprecedented end-to-end data connectivity not only here in the U.K., but after a successful project this could be replicated globally.”

TRICAPITAL chair Jamie Andrew said: “We’re delighted that pureLiFi is a key partner of this cutting-edge project aimed at addressing the UK’s digital divide. The LiFI-XC was hailed as the most commercially ready LiFi system on the market on its launch in October 2017, and we look forward to seeing pureLifi continue to build on its success in this area.”

To find out more about this TRICAPITAL investee company, visit the pureLiFi website.

TRICAPITAL Sponsors Borders Young Enterprise Scotland

The Scottish Borders brightest young business brains went head to head at the Young Enterprise Scotland Borders Final Awards Ceremony at the end of March, with Kelso High School the overall winners in a tough contest. The final was sponsored by  TRICAPITAL, and Director Paul Yuskaitis was one of the judges.

Kelso High School winning company Initial DesignsKelso High School winning company Initial Designs

Kelso High School winning company Initial Designs

The business teams were made up of senior pupils from Kelso, Earlston and Eyemouth High Schools. Each group formed their own companies, and raised funds to register it at Companies House and create prototypes. The pupils took on different roles, including Operations Manager, Finance Director, and Sales and Marketing. There were even some hirings and firings over the nine-month project, which was run by Young Enterprise Scotland Borders Branch, in partnership with schools and the Scottish Government’s Developing the Young Workforce programme.

During the project, the pupils designed and sold products, ranging from an Eyemouth cook book, candles, and recycled slate and wooden gift times. There were several winner categories, with the Borders Young Company of the Year award going to Kelso High School and their company, Initial Designs.

Joan Mackay, Assistant Director of Education Scotland

Joan Mackay, Assistant Director of Education Scotland

Guest speakers included Raymond Kerr of Qube and Joan Mackay of Education Scotland, who leads on the Developing the Young Workforce Programme.

It’s the first time the competition has been run in the Borders for several years, and Young Enterprise Scotland Borders branch hopes to spark more young startups next year.

Many thanks to Chloe Purves, Andrea Hall and the team for organising such an inspiring event and programme.

NovaBiotics Gets US Fast Track Status for Lynovex Cystic Fibrosis Therapy

TRICAP investee NovaBiotics Ltd has gained Fast Track Designation (FTD) in the USA for its cystic fibrosis therapy, Lynovex®.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted the FTD for NovaBiotics‘ orally administered form of Lynovex® for the treatment of acute pulmonary exacerbations in CF.

Dr Deborah O’Neil, CEO of the Aberdeen biotech company, welcomed the FTD as a “very significant milestone” in the development of its novel CF treatment.

She added: “Gaining FDA Fast Track designation for oral Lynovex® is recognition of its novelty and its potential clinical impact in CF. Lynovex® has demonstrated significant potential in laboratory tests and clinical trials with respect to providing a meaningful benefit to CF patients when used as an adjunctive therapy to the current standard-of-care drugs. Its potent mucolytic and antimicrobial actions could reduce the impact of acute pulmonary exacerbations and consequently disease progression. Lynovex® in oral form is unique as the only therapy specifically designed to tackle exacerbations, despite these events being the main driver of pathology and decline in lung function over time in CF patients.”

TRICAP chairman Jamie Andrew welcomed the news, saying, “I’m delighted that the NovaBiotics team has received this recognition for their oral Lynovex® treatment. It’s a significant milestone in the product’s journey to market”.
The FTD comes in addition “Orphan Drug” designation for Lynovex® from both the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the FDA.

Lynovex® is a novel, highly differentiated therapy for the treatment of CF-associated lung disease, with a unique dual mode of action. Lynovex® breaks down the thick, sticky mucus produced by the lining of the airways in CF patients, and kills the bacteria that thrive in this environment and occasionally “flare” as serious chest infections (exacerbations). Lynovex® also boosts the activity of standard-of-care CF antibiotics and is intended for use alongside these and other existing CF therapies as well as the more recently approved ‘disease modifiers’ that can work in certain patients to correct or potentiate the faulty CFTR protein that causes the disease. Importantly, Lynovex® is a therapy designed to treat all CF patients and is not specific to patients with specific mutations/disease genotypes.

About NovaBiotics

NovaBiotics Limited is a leading global anti-infectives focused biotechnology company. The company has an advanced product portfolio of antimicrobial assets targeting large and important markets with significant unmet clinical needs. These include Lynovex®, a novel multi-active orphan therapy for cystic fibrosis, Novexatin for the treatment of onychomycosis, Novamycin, a novel rapid acting antifungal for life-threatening mould and yeast blood stream and deep tissue infections, and Novarifyn, a potent antibacterial active against drug resistant and multi-drug resistant Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacterial infections. The company is also developing earlier stage compounds from its proprietary antimicrobial peptide and cysteamine platforms.

Visit the NovaBiotics website for more information.

Smart Compliance – Finalist in NESTA Inventor Prize

TRICAP investee Smart Compliance has reached the finals of the NESTA Inventor Prize for their SMART carbon monoxide detection system. They’re one of 10 companies on the shortlist for the prestigious accolade, which is sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Along with the other finalists, the Scottish company will receive a £5,000 grant and non-financial support from Barclays Eagle Labs, to further develop their ideas and products. As part of this, they’ll get tailored support from mentors and industry experts, as well as access to Maker Space facilities for prototype manufacture, and co-working desk space. The winner at the end of the judging process in September will win £50k.

The NESTA Inventor Prize is awarded for companies who tackle a social issue and contribute to the growth of the UK economy. TRICAP chairman Jamie Andrew said: “Congratulations to the team at Smart Compliance! We’re delighted to see this national recognition for their flagship product, and wish them all the best for commercialising their monitoring and detection products.”

Find out more about the product in this short film about Smart Compliance:

For more information on TRICAP angels investors and investing in Smart Compliance, get in touch.


National Cybersecurity Centre CEO Meets Team ZoneFox

Edinburgh-based cybersecurity investee ZoneFox has welcomed a visit from the UK’s National Cyberscurity Centre boss, Ciaran Martin. The NCSC head met the ZoneFox team for a tour of the ZoneFox offices, followed by an industry discussion, during a delegation visit to the Scottish capital. Topics covered included cybersecurity communication without scaremongering, the example of countries such as Canada and Estonia, and how the NCSC can continue to support Scottish organisations.

The visitors were at ZoneFox as part of an NCSC visit to Edinburgh to meet senior Scottish Government ministers and executives, as well as industry representatives, to discuss keeping Scotland and the rest of the UK protected from online attacks. Earlier, Mr Martin gave the keynote speech on cyber threats at the Public Sector Cyber Security 2018 Scotland conference.

ZoneFox is a TRICAP investee company based in Edinburgh, and specializes in the detection and prevention of cyber security breaches.

For more information about TRICAP and investing in Zonefox, get in contact.

FINDRA’s Alex Feechan on Motivation in Business

Award-winning Scottish fashion designer Alex Feechan runs FINDRA, one of TRICAP’s Borders-based investee companies. FINDRA was launched three years ago in Innerleithen, and draws on Borders textile manufacturing expertise to bring a high quality, fashionable alternative to the women’s outdoor apparel and bike wear market.

Here, Alex talks about her journey as an entrepreneur, what motivates her as a businesswoman, and the importance of vision:

Since launching FINDRA over 3 years ago I have often reflected on what motivates me.

Launching a start-up business is such a roller coaster and being motivated is key to keeping going and getting through the tough times. When faced with big challenges I have to dig deep and remind myself of why I chose this path.

At FINDRA we kicked off 2018 with a brand workshop. This involved the whole team, the purpose of the workshop was to re-visit who we are as a brand, and ‘why’ we exist.

As part of the process, the team (and myself) were asked to ‘write down 3 things’ that they believed motivated me. I was intrigued to see what my team thought made me tick!

Interestingly their answers were pretty much around the same themes as my own, which are ultimately People, Vision, and Detail.

Relationships and people are key to me. My family and loved ones, my friends, my team and my customers.

Working hard to provide for my family, and setting a good example to them to believe in their dreams, to work hard and not be afraid of failure.

The same applies to my work, my team and my customers. Without a strong, motivated happy team, FINDRA wouldn’t thrive and grow.  I view our customers in the same way. They are part of the FINDRA family and I want them to have the best possible experience with us, to feel motivated and encouraged to get outdoors and to show them there are no barriers to enjoying an active outdoor lifestyle. I want them to enjoy wearing our products and to enjoy shopping with us.

For me, our customer is at the heart of the brand. They are the people who engage with us, buy our products, comment on our social media posts, and come along to visit us at events all over the country and ultimately spread the word.

How they feel about the experience they have with us counts. They are the reason we exist.

To find out more about TRICAP angel investors and investing in FINDRA, get in touch.

Visit the FINDRA website.

Syntropharma gets US patent for Naltrexone transdermal patch

TRICAP portfolio company Syntropharma specializes in transdermal delivery of medicines, and their novel Naltrexone transdermal patch (Nalsyn) has recently been granted a patent in the USA. The product will now commence a Phase I study, before entering full development. Nalsyn is being positioned for the treatment of patients suffering with alcohol and opiate addiction problems.

TRICAP chairman Jamie Andrew welcomed the news: “This is a significant step on Syntropharma’s journey, and helps to strengthen their position among the new generation of pharmaceutical companies creating innovative transdermal products”.

Syntropharma is based in the Scottish Borders, and its development activities are focused on the repositioning and reformulation of existing approved drugs. The adoption of this strategy has helped Syntropharma to develop a number of transdermal products quickly and efficiently.

To find out more about TRICAP and investing in Syntropharma, contact us here.

TRI Capital Investee GSS Wins Elektra Design Team of the Year

Congratulations to investee GSS for winning two prestigious Elektra awards, including Design Team of the Year! Glasgow-based Gas Sensing Solutions also scooped first place in the industry award’s ‘Medical’ category for outstanding medical design.

Judges at the glittering award ceremony in London praised the GSS team for being “a wonderful example of an inventive UK company doing outstanding work”. The GSS design team took the gong for its work on a miniature CO2 detector, the SprintIR6S. The product opens new possibilities in gas sensing, particularly for medical applications.

In the ‘Medical Design’ category, the judges awarded first prize to GSS’s N-Tidal, a portable CO2 breath analyser, describing it as a “fascinating application of LED technology and, potentially, a game‑changing solution to a real-world problem”.

TRI Capital Chairman Jamie Andrew said: ‘We’re delighted at this success by GSS! It’s great to see them going from strength to strength, and following their business journey. Innovation is at the heart of what GSS do, and it’s fantastic to see that rewarded.”

GSS were also runners-up in the ‘Passive & Electromechanical Product of the Year’ category. The awards were sponsored by BWW Communications and Caltest.

Read more about their success here on the Elektra Awards website.


MHRA Approves Aurum Biosciences Stroke Technology Trial

TRI Capital investee Aurum Biosciences has got the official go-ahead for a clinical trial of its innovative stroke technology. The UK’s MHRA regulatory body gave approval for a Phase 2 trial to investigate the ABL-101 technology, which has the potential to save and improve the lives of thousands of people who have had an acute ischaemic stroke (AIS).

The Phase 2 trial will investigate both the safety of ABL-101, and novel penumbral imaging that is expected to predict efficacy in stroke patients, using Aurum’s proprietary MRI technology. The Glasgow company is developing ABL-101 in collaboration with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and the University of Glasgow, as well as the Wellcome Trust.

Aurum’s ABL-101 stroke technology is based on an oxygen carrying perflurocarbon (PFC), which is emulsified for intravenous use. This PFC not only acts as a stroke therapeutic, delivering oxygen beyond the stroke clot, but due to its effect on local oxygenation and in combination with MRI imaging, it is able to detect tissue under metabolic stress.

Thus, ABL-101 has unique dual benefits of reducing brain cell death following acute stroke, while also providing important information guiding the use of further stroke treatments (Aurum preclinical data in press).

Future trials will investigate the effect of ABL-101 on stroke-induced disability both in the overall stroke population, and in thrombectomy patients. The latter is an extremely interesting sub-population of stroke patients in which there have been highly promising recent clinical developments, and which may provide a more rapid route to market for novel stroke therapies.

Aurum Biosciences’ CEO Jim McGuire said: “We are delighted to have received regulatory approval for our ABL-101 stroke trial. Our technology has the potential to significantly improve outcomes for acute stroke patients, not only by delivering oxygen to brain tissue under stress beyond the clot, but by providing acute stroke diagnostics which will direct the use of synergistic acute stroke treatments such as the use of thrombolytics (rtPA) and thrombectomy.”

The Phase 2 trial is expected to start in early 2018.

See investor information on Aurum Biosciences.

Training software developer Administrate inks US deals – The Scotsman

This article about TRI Cap investee company Administrate appeared in the Scotsman on 20th September 2017

Training software outfit Administrate has secured fresh deals with two US companies as it prepares to host its latest education technology conference. The Edinburgh-based firm, which develops software to help clients such as “big four” accountant PwC and the University of York run online training programmes, has partnered with sales and marketing group Lead Liaison, headquartered in Texas, and San Francisco’s CloudShare, a provider of “virtual labs” for IT training and sales demonstrations.

Future Scotland CloudShare founder and chief executive Zvi Guterman said: “One of the primary applications for our solution is within the training industry, and our partnership with Administrate is a natural fit. Together with Administrate, we enable training organisations to spend much less time on technical and administrative details so they can spend more time creating and providing high-quality programmes.”

Meanwhile, Administrate said its tie-up with Lead Liaison would allow the Scots firm’s clients to target potential customers using a variety of methods, including emails, text messages and even postcards, to help generate more sales.

Administrate chief executive John Peebles said: “We believe training professionals are best served by a seamless training and administration experience, and integrations like these are key to that goal. “Excellent marketing is critical for any training company, and we’re really excited about this integration that links Administrate with one of the leading marketing automation platforms in the world.”

The deals came ahead of the two-day Administrate LITE conference, which kicks off tomorrow at the CodeBase technology incubator, where the software start-up has its headquarters. The firm, which employs more than 60 people, also has a US office in Montana and last year established a presence in Beirut, Lebanon.