“TRI cap allows me to add value by investing in people who, through innovation and business, want to make a profitable contribution.”

Jamie is a chemical engineer by training, with experience in the mining, oil & gas refining and manufacturing sectors. His previous business interests have included developing products for small marine craft propulsion systems and products for energy generation from water resources. One of his working prototype designs was bought by the British Science Museum in 2007 as an example of innovation in maritime technology. Jamie’s current business interests cover light engineering, renewable energy (small scale hydro power and biomass), medical devices, retailing and property restoration.

Jamie is particularly interested in investing in technology based companies and product innovation. He knows the many pitfalls facing aspiring entrepreneurs and can add real value at board level when it comes to product innovation and commercialisation.

Jamie is also an active business director/investor and he holds a number of “independent director” positions within a variety of technology based companies (energy related, medical devices, manufacturing) at chairman and director level (in both the private and voluntary sectors).

He has lived in the Borders for more than 20yrs.

DOUGLAS NEEDHAM BA (Hons), CA – Vice Chairman

2015-08-04 12.55.30(1)Douglas Needham hails from Glasgow, graduating from Strathclyde and training professionally with Cooper Brothers & Co (now PWC). The core of his career was in textiles first with Courtaulds plc then Dawson International plc. He mostly worked around and in the operating companies as FD or CEO with businesses trading internationally.

In 2001 he joined and ran a Scottish Family Office (trading as Ashleybank Investments Ltd) and had a wide ranging remit managing investments and diverse asset classes. He built up strong connections in the angel sector taking Ashleybank into membership of Braveheart, Archangels and TRI Cap as well as London-based syndicates. He is a past director of LINC Scotland. Now retired from his executive role he holds NXD positions in both the angel and private equity sectors.


2015-08-04 13.31.14(2)“As a member of TRI Capital I am excited at the opportunities to invest at the ground floor in entrepreneurial companies with high growth potential. If they are based in the Scottish Borders so much the better.”

Walter Riddell-Carre is a Borderer. He qualified as a chartered accountant then followed a 30 year career in the investment management industry in both London and Edinburgh. With this background and training in investment management and analysis he maintains an active interest in financial markets and involvement in TRI Cap’s investee companies.

He has been a TRI Cap member since December 2005 and a core member since 2010. In the same year he helped Jamie Andrew set up a TRI Cap Monitoring and Reporting Process and since mid – 2013 has been in charge of overseeing the process which continues to be developed.

He is currently TRI Cap Observer for two companies – Biopta and Syntropharma – and has investments in 18 of TRI Cap’s portfolio of companies. He became a Director of Tricap in March 2015.


imageedit_3_7189660429Paul, runs his own interim-management and strategic consultancy service PGY Solutions and also holds a number of board level observer roles in TRI Cap investee companies. He joined TRI Cap in 2011 and has extensive experience in managing early stage companies both in the United States and Scotland.

He says: “TRI Cap gives me the opportunity to work with early stage businesses and enables me to have an impact on their success. An important part of my investment philosophy is that angel investors need to be willing to be involved and share expertise on the back of their investment in order to give the company the best chance for success and the investors the best chance for a successful exit with a meaningful equity gain.”


With a background in law, Julian Livingston is a former director at Martin Currie with an extensive career working with international hedge funds. He has built a portfolio of non-executive and consultancy roles providing expertise in the fields of corporate governance, compliance and regulation, investment analysis, client service, and the development of asset management businesses.

Julian says “Being part of Tricap, rather than investing on one’s own, offers access to a wider pool of expertise from a variety of fields which should in theory result in better decision making. Being part of a syndicate also allows one to diversify risk by investing in a variety of opportunities rather than having to cherry pick a couple of opportunities. As a syndicate there is structure to the due diligence process and monitoring of investments at a level which would not be possible as an individual investor.”


IAN BURTON – Director

A born engineer, Ian began building electrical circuits and repairing engines at an early age; later moving on to creating functional model aircraft. In his teens he was given the opportunity by the RAF to fly gliders and light aircraft and this progressed to fast jet and aerobatic aircraft, with the Pitts Special still being his favourite.

After a brief flirtation with the RAF he decided that engineering and not flying was his career choice so he moved to the Royal Navy as a civilian contractor developing the passive and narrowband sonar systems for the Spearfish torpedo project. During his early engineering career it became apparent that Ian had a flair for problem solving, working on broken projects to turn them around. These early projects had a high software content taking him on another path to software engineering. During his software engineering career he worked on many projects including military, fulfilment, warehousing, call handling, ERP, navigation, eCommerce, eManagement, eBusiness.

His next career change was to management consultancy to turn the experience to date into a resource for many businesses rather than the few. Ian was attracted to TriCap to invest in interesting businesses and most of all enjoy the rewards of working with dynamic growing companies.