TRICAPITAL Portfolio – PowerPhotonic

PowerPhotonic Ltd is a high-tech spin-out from Heriot Watt University. It’s the brainchild of Heriot Watt University team Dr Roy McBride, Professor Denis Hall and Professor Howard Baker, who all have extensive experience in the field of lasers and photonics technologies for industrial applications.

The company operates on a worldwide stage, with high levels of interest from international manufacturers of high power lasers, which recognise the increased efficiency and market share that PowerPhotonic’s technology can bring.


TRICAP Chair Jamie Andrew“TRICAPITAL allows me to add value by investing in people who, through innovation and business, want to make a profitable contribution.”

Jamie is a chemical engineer by training, with experience in the mining, oil & gas refining and manufacturing sectors. His previous business interests have included developing products for small marine craft propulsion systems and products for energy generation from water resources. One of his working prototype designs was bought by the British Science Museum in 2007 as an example of innovation in maritime technology. Jamie’s current business interests cover light engineering, renewable energy (small scale hydro power and biomass), medical devices, retailing and property restoration.

Jamie is particularly interested in investing in technology based companies and product innovation. He knows the many pitfalls facing aspiring entrepreneurs and can add real value at board level when it comes to product innovation and commercialisation.

Jamie is also an active business director/investor and he holds a number of “independent director” positions within a variety of technology based companies (energy related, medical devices, manufacturing) at chairman and director level (in both the private and voluntary sectors).

He has lived in the Borders for more than 20 years.


DOUGLAS NEEDHAM BA (Hons), CA – Vice Chairman

Douglas Needham TRICAP Vice ChairDouglas Needham hails from Glasgow, graduating from Strathclyde and training professionally with Cooper Brothers & Co (now PWC). The core of his career was in textiles, first with Courtaulds plc, then Dawson International plc. He mostly worked around and in the operating companies as FD or CEO with businesses trading internationally.

In 2001 he joined and ran a Scottish Family Office (trading as Ashleybank Investments Ltd) and had a wide-ranging remit managing investments and diverse asset classes. He built up strong connections in the angel sector, taking Ashleybank into membership of Braveheart, Archangels and TRICAPITAL, as well as London-based syndicates. He is a past director of LINC Scotland. Now retired from his executive role, he holds NXD positions in both the angel and private equity sectors.



Walter Riddell-Carre director“As a member of TRICAPITAL, I am excited at the opportunities to invest at the ground floor in entrepreneurial companies with high growth potential. If they are based in the Scottish Borders, so much the better.”

Walter Riddell-Carre is a Borderer. He qualified as a chartered accountant, then followed a 30-year career in the investment management industry in both London and Edinburgh. With this background and training in investment management and analysis, he maintains an active interest in financial markets, and involvement in TRICAPITAL’s investee companies.

He has been a TRICAPITAL member since December 2005. In 2010, he helped Jamie Andrew set up a TRICAPITAL Monitoring and Reporting Process, and since mid-2013, has been in charge of overseeing this as it continues to be developed.

He is currently TRICAPITAL Observer for Syntropharma, has investments in 18 of TRICAPITAL’s portfolio of companies. He became a Director of TRICAPITAL in March 2015.


TRICAPITAL Portfolio – Inquisitive Systems – ZoneFox

Inquisitive System‘s flagship product is ZoneFox, a cross sector security solution that assists in the protection of a company’s core assets, its data and intellectual property, which was developed by founder and chief executive Dr Jamie Graves in 2008. It provides immediate alerts to breaches of policy, allowing organisations to respond quickly and effectively, as well as full forensic tracking for auditing and investigation, reducing the cost and impact of breaches.

TRICAPITAL Portfolio – NovaBiotics Ltd

NovaBiotics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company founded in 2004 which focuses on the design and development of antifungal and antibacterial therapeutics. The company is progressing a two part ‘first in man’ clinical trial for its lead product, Novexatin® (NP213), a brush-on treatment for fungal nail infection.

TRICAPITAL Portfolio – Administrate

Administrate is a Business Management System (delivered online as Software as a Service) specifically tailored for training providers. The product offers an integrated solution with a range of features including customer relationship and sales lead management, training course & event management and integrated accounting. Administrate’s customers are world wide: its largest client has 100 users based in offices in 20 countries – however the typical Administrate client is a small business (< 7 users).

TRICAPITAL Portfolio – My1Login

my1login is designed to prevent the use of weak passwords and weak password practices, where employees use the same password across multiple websites, and also to protect businesses against serious financial and reputational damage resulting from a hacking incident.

PR and communications at TRI Cap

There has been a change of personnel on the PR and communications front for TRI Capital, with Jules Horne taking over the role from Julia Wailes-Fairbairn.

Jules is an ex BBC journalist with an MA in Modern Languages. She runs the Selkirk-based copywriting and communications business, Texthouse.

Jules will be working for TRI Capital on a part-time basis, and is the main point of contact for news stories, as well as the e-newsletter and website. Please feel free to contact her via

TRICAPITAL Portfolio – MGB Biopharma

MGB Biopharma Limited is a late preclinical stage biopharmaceutical company that is developing and commercialising a new class of antibacterial product: DNA Minor Groove Binders. The technology has been licensed from the University of Strathclyde and has so far demonstrated very significant activity against Gram positive bacteria, including MRSA and also against some Gram negative bacteria. The technology involves a new class of DNA minor groove binders (MGBs), to be used as anti-bacterial drugs. These compounds have arisen from the work of a multidisciplinary team comprising medicinal chemists, molecular modellers and microbiologists.