An Introduction

TRI Capital TRICAP angel investors agmis a group of angel investors based in Scotland. ‘TRI’ stands for Tweed Renaissance Investors, and as a Scottish Borders company, we’re particularly keen to support businesses in the Borders, Lothians and North of England, or considering relocation to the area. But we’re also open to approaches from companies from elsewhere which show potential for high growth, and attractive financial returns.

TRI Capital was set up in 2004 by a group of ten independent Borders’ businessmen passionate about giving something back to the Borders economy, since we’ve been fortunate to benefit from it ourselves. We now have over 60 investor members with interests in a diverse range of investee companies.

If you’re a company seeking investment, TRI Capital offers a flexible and proactive funding option, focused on supporting businesses to grow. TRI Capital’s members have extensive experience of business in a wide range of sectors, providing access to a pool of knowledge and contacts second to none.

Each investment opportunity is considered on an individual basis, and on its fit with TRI Capital’s approach. We take pride in being open and friendly, as well as thorough. We’re also prepared to play a long game, working with companies both before and after investment, to ensure that each party gets the most out of the relationship, and that there are no surprises for anyone.


Why TRI Cap?’

Our Members :

  • Entrepreneurial experience
  • Financial expertise
  • Strategic input

How We Can Help You

  • Local knowledge & international focus
  • Strategic input & networking contacts
  • Flexible investment terms

Our Partners :

  • Meticulous due diligence
  • Active monitoring group
  • Sound financial background

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Next steps


TRICAP angel investors meetingEntrepreneurs looking for funding should check out our Investment Approach and Investment Process and see our Portfolio for a list of companies we have invested in so far. The first point of contact in TRI Capital for companies seeking investment is Kathy Kinder, Investment Manager. Kathy is happy to have initial discussions about TRI Capital, our investment approach, and your company’s business plan and investment needs.

Individuals interested in becoming members – please get in touch! We’re always keen to talk to sophisticated investors and individuals of high net worth who bring suitable expertise. In the first instance, you will find the information you need on our Membership page, or go to Contact for our telephone and email details.


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