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TRICap1With investment deals valued at more than £34 million under its belt, Tweed Renaissance Investors Capital (TRI Cap) is one of Scotland’s newer business angel syndicates and also one of its most dynamic. For both investors and those seeking investment, TRI Cap is very firmly on the map. Since its launch in 2004 both membership and deals have maintained a keen pace, and we continue to be active in seeking both. Read our News pages to gain a snapshot of the organisation and the deals TRI Cap members have been involved in.

In truth, TRI Cap is mature beyond its years, with many decades of first-rate entrepreneurial, financial and management experience round our board room table. Visit our TRI Cap People Members pages to learn a little more about our people.

TRICap2TRI Cap members invest in growth businesses in the Scottish Borders and beyond, offering a flexible and proactive funding option and supporting businesses to grow by committing both cash and time. MGB Biopharma, NovaBiotics  and Turnbull and Scott are just some of the many businesses TRI Cap members have helped to fund as they build their reputations and products in exciting global markets.

Entrepreneurs looking for funding should check out our Investment approach and process and, in our Portfolio section, the stories of companies we have invested in so far.

Individuals interested in becoming members are more than welcome to contact us. We are always keen to talk to sophisticated investors and individuals of high net worth who bring suitable expertise. In the first instance, you will find the information you need in our Membership page or go to Contact for our telephone and email details.

TRI Cap is a member of investor’s network LINC Scotland and works closely with Scottish Enterprise, enabling the companies in which it invests to access matched funding through the Scottish Co-Investment Fund.